In the real world I am Tiffany, a young woman living in Canada’s great nations capital of Ottawa, Ontario with a serious book addiction.

I read for the pure enjoyment and escape that a book gives you. For the brief time I am reading a book I am no longer Tiffany, I am a princess, a heroine or a suburban house wife. Books allow me to escape the real world and live a life I may never of otherwise gotten to experience.

Hopes and Dreams: I dream of being Belle and Beast whisking me away to his castle and having access to his amazing library with Ms Pots and Chip bringing me tea, while I curl up with a great book and just escape to distant worlds…. Alright enough with dreams that will never truly happen.

Education: I went to college to become a Biotechnology Technologist. I am not currently using this education but … *fingers crossed*.

Please if there is anything you want to know just ASK … I am an Open Book!

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