Whatcha Doin' Wednesday

Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday- October 16 2019


This meme was created by Nomadic Worlds a blog I personally follow and recommend you all follow too!!!!

I am so sorry my escapees I have disappeared for a few weeks and am slowly trying to find my way back to you. You will read below the events that led to my disappearance.

How are you? (How often do we ask or get asked this question with the intent to really know how someone is?)

Well this is a heavy question for me lately, I am not doing well. I started school in September and it has been going well, I picked up another course in October. The course is a heavy one, calling for 70 hours. I thought the course would be about creating work style documents with a title like Document Production I, but I was wrong the whole course seems to be dedicated to learning to appropriately type on the computer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hen pecker when it comes to my typing but I am definitely also not a home key and hands stationary typist either. So needless to say I am hating the class which does not help with motivation.

Also it appears my voice took a hiatus at the end of September and has shown no signs of when it would like to make its reappearance in this world. I started October with a good ol’ lung infection and laryngitis, I got the lung infection taken care of but am going on 3 weeks now with stupid laryngitis. All this to say I have had very little energy to complete pretty much anything.

What’s one thing that can inspire you or make you feel good? It can be anything, a person, a book, a poem, a song. A bumper sticker 😉 

READING, If being sick and having no energy has done anything for me it has given me some great material to review on here. I spend pretty much all my time reading, sleeping or stuck in a Youtube hole. I have managed to read 4 books over the last 3 weeks I believe. I have already posted a review for 2 of them I think (like I said no energy .. it is making for foggy brain). I hope everyone is finding inspiration and is feeling good this week. I appreciate all of you 🙂

How are you doing?

What has inspired you this week ?

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If you enjoyed this meme and would like to participate yourself, please find the how below 🙂
How to participate in the meme:
1. Credit the creator of this tag (Lyn*Nomadic Worlds) and link back.
2. Answer the two questions to the best of your ability.
3. Most important of all, enjoy yourself!

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