Whatcha Doin' Wednesday

Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday- September 11 2019


This meme was created by Nomadic Worlds a blog I personally follow and recommend you all follow too!!!!

It is Wednesday again … I feel like the weeks are just flying by, can you believe we are in September already. I missed last week due to a heck-tick schedule. This week I made sure not pack the calendar and let things flow more naturally. I started back to school yesterday (part-time) so it has been a little stressful this week so far.

I will now get to the questions you are here to have answered ….

How are you? (How often do we ask or get asked this question with the intent to really know how someone is?)

I am actually doing well, I am a little stressed about starting school but like you will see below I have a great support in ensuring success. My mental health has been on point the last couple weeks and the fact that last weeks schedule was crazy and all the place, really makes me proud. I hope to carry that into this week and the next …

What’s one thing that can inspire you or make you feel good? It can be anything, a person, a book, a poem, a song. A bumper sticker 😉 

My husband has been my rock this week. He has been there for me anytime I needed him and on top of that has done everything in his power to ensure that my transition back to being a student has been slow and successful.

How are you doing?

What has inspired you this week ?

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If you enjoyed this meme and would like to participate yourself, please find the how below 🙂
How to participate in the meme:
1. Credit the creator of this tag (Lyn*Nomadic Worlds) and link back.
2. Answer the two questions to the best of your ability.
3. Most important of all, enjoy yourself!

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