Review- Hearts and Flowers By A M Brooks

Hearts and Flowers


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                       Title: Hearts and Flowers

                          Author: A M Brooks

                        Publisher: Self Published

                       Published: August 21 2019





He broke me. 
He gave me everything I never knew I wanted then in one moment destroyed all my happiness.
Now I’m back in Araminta to finish senior year before I move on and leave this town full of fake and corrupted people behind. 
I don’t expect him to chase me. To change the game. He wants my heart but it’s destroyed. Even as we fight back against his enemies who want to ruin his name, he puts me above all else. 
He wants to protect me. Fix me. Claim me. Too bad I’m not the same girl I was. I can’t forgive him….

I’m sober.
So fuckin sober.
I’m broken and bruised but the only pain I feel is watching her and knowing I can’t have her. Danger lurks around us. My enemies are growing in numbers. I need to keep her safe and untouched by the chaos I created. I will destroy the walls around her heart and prove to both of us that I am the man she wanted me to be. She wants to breeze in and fade out…not this time. She’s back and she will be mine. I can’t live without her.


I am a huge fan of the hate to love trope and this book is full of it. Darrian and Nora are an adorable couple, they were adored and amazingly written. I will never be able to relate to them but they were written in a way that you still cared and wanted the best for them.

It took me a little time for the character of Nora to grow on me but once she did I was engrossed in her story. However, Darrian I loved from the start; his love and devotion to both himself and Nora had me hooked and rooting for the couple from beginning to end.

The broken heart/ broken past stories are a true favourite of mine. This story reminded me a lot of those written by my all time favourite author, the broken past trope is one that sparked my adult reading love. I would fall head of heels if Brooks were to write a story of Ethan and Lily’s story. This series does not feel finished in my opinion, or maybe I just want more.

With this style of story though comes a few trigger warnings: Drug Use, Rehabilitation, Abuse, and infidelity. If any of these issues are a problem for you I would not recommend this series for you.

I have already and will continue to recommend this book to friends and family.

I now recommend it to all my bookish followers. READ, ENJOY, AND ESCAPE!


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