Review- The Accidental Life Swap By Jennifer Joyce

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DNF- Did Not Finish


The Accidental Life Swap

Poor Rebecca, no backbone and creating her own problems. How do you relate to such an irritating character. If at any point she did even a molecule of what she thought this book would not exist.

Let’s just discuss the beginning when she takes on the life of her boss Vanessa. She literally just had to say ‘no sorry I’m her PA’, but no she couldn’t do that it would require correcting someone as Rebecca and she just can not do that. As we continued to move through the beginning of the book I grew more irritated with Rebecca as the main character and then started to wish the book was about Stacey (the owner/operator of The Animal Sanctuary).

As the romance bloomed between Oliver and Rebecca it was hard to care. The relationship was predictable and like the rest of Rebecca’s character naive. The romance was cutesy and silly. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the book

Little Heaton seems like a super cute rural area to live, having grown up in a small town I did greatly the parts of the story I read about the pains of rural living. However I could not relate to the poor city girl with no take out or fancy stores.

I wrote this book off and may have a hard time referring it to someone.

If you give this one a read please let me know what you think.


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