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Anything But Books Tag

I got this tag from The Bibliophagist it is the Anything But Books tag! I don’t get a lot of chances to talk about things I love other than reading on my blog anymore, so this sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!

Name A Cartoon Character That You Love

Connie the Hormone Monster (Big Mouth)

What Is Your Favourite Song Right Now

Truth Hurts, Lizzo (Youtube Link)

What Could You Do For Hours
(That Isn’t Reading)

Video Games!!!!!! Right now it is Minecraft that has me addicted.

What Is Something You Love To Do That Your Followers Would Be Surprised By

There isn’t really anything I do that is out of the ordinary. I tend not to surprise people too much :S

What Is Your Favourite Unnecessarily Specific Thing to Learn About

Microbiology, my background is in biotechnology and this field of science specifically amazes me.

What Is Something Unusual You Know How to Do

I wouldn’t consider it unusual, but I crochet and quilt. The thing that makes it unusual for me is I have been doing it for years and it is normally associated with older women (Which I am not :P).

Name Something You’ve Made in The Last Year (And Show Us I


f You Can)

I crocheted a C2C Beauty and the Beast Double Bed Throw

What Is Your Most Recent Personal Project

My most recent personal project is the transition from to, please check out and follow as over the next year the blog will be moving over 🙂

Tell Us Something You Think About Often (Maybe While Staring Out of Windows)

Growing up and all that comes with it.

Give Us Something That’s Your Favourite, But Make It Something Oddly Specific

Pho, I absolutely love this Vietnamese soup!!

Say The First Thing That Pops Into Your Head

I dislike entitled people!!

I’m tagging Alix Maza , Kathryn Speckels , and Holly my 3 most recent subscribers (as of writing this post) to do this, but please if you would like to do this as well link back to me and give your own post a try! 

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