Whatcha Doin' Wednesday

Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday- August 21 2019


This meme was created by Nomadic Worlds a blog I personally follow and recommend you all follow too!!!!

It is Wednesday and we are half way through the week. I personally hate that I wish the week over, life goes by fast enough without us wishing our way to the weekend. Sooo … like every Wednesday I am up early for a 4 AM to noon shift. I will then go home take a nap and play some videos games (Minecraft – XBOX ONE) before grabbing the Kobo and reading before bed. My mantra for today is ‘this Wednesday has to be better than the last’, I mean my bagel made it into my belly today so we are already off to a better start.

I will now get to the questions you are here to have answered ….

How are you? (How often do we ask or get asked this question with the intent to really know how someone is?)

I get asked this question more times than I can count in a day as I am the first person a lot of people see in the morning. It is sad that ‘How are you?’ or ‘How you doing?’ is grown to be just a phrase used in greeting. Not many who actually ask the question are looking for the truth or yet more than a one word ‘Good’ answer. Working customer service in a place where many aren’t enthused to be (a gym), my answer has grown to be a high energy ‘AWESOME’.

This answer may never be 100% accurate, but I am told by many members that the fact I have said it and with such a positive energy that they feel then vibes of positivism and it actually makes their morning brighter. I have a co-worker who says that if I say it enough and believe it eventually will come true. In some sense this is a true statement (I will never actually tell him that though *lol*), by the end of my shift I am in a better state for sure. Whether that is because my 8 hours are over or my positive attitude during those 4 hours it is hard to know.

This morning though as mentioned above, it is going well so far. I have enjoyed my breakfast, I made it to work safe and sound and by the end of the day I will hopefully be finished my current Netgalley read (watch for that review on Friday :P). I have plans for this to be an amazing Wednesday!!

What’s one thing that can inspire you or make you feel good? It can be anything, a person, a book, a poem, a song. A bumper sticker 😉 

PROGRESS!! Something that inspires me and makes me feel good is just that progress. It can really be in anything either; whether it be finishing the current book I am reading, completing the house I building in Minecraft, or just even seeing a best day ever minecraftnotification on WordPress. I enjoy all forms of progress and aim to achieve it as often as possible. Tonight I will aim to both finish my current read and the current project in Minecraft. Fingers crossed that both can be acheived.

Thanks for reading …. Let me know in the comments

How are you doing? Do you play Minecraft? What progress are you hoping for today?

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3. Most important of all, enjoy yourself!

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