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Reading Slumps and Me

Some of you may be reading the title and asking what in the world is a reading slump? Well my bookish and non-bookish peeps; A reading slump as described on Urban Dictionary is a readers worst nightmare, not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read. This essentially means that a reader wants to be reading and enjoying a book, but just can’t bring themselves to read.

I have recently started placing this feeling with moments in my life when depression and anxiety start rearing their evil heads. Reading brings me immense joy and the fact that my brain is sending signals to not have this joy is a sign for me that maybe I need to look in on myself,  find out what is going on.

Not everyone who suffers from reading slumps also suffers from depression and anxiety though, I have several friends who have stress induced reading slumps. I have witnessed this myself where they put too much pressure on themselves to read and in turn just can’t. Reading slumps can come on at anytime for a number of reasons. They can also last for any length of time. A reader will do a number of this to try and bread a slump, listed below are the things I have done to break reading slumps. Maybe some of these could help some of you one day.

First and foremost, try to find out what is triggering the reading slump in the first place. Get yourself into a nice head space before moving on to the list below to break the slump.

  1. Grab up your all time favourite book off your shelf, try reading of perusing it. Just remember the feelings you had once associated with this book. The joy it once brought you as a reader.
  2. Head to the bookstore, for a lot of readers their favourite bookstore is a happy place. When I get in a bad slump I will usually head to the store with the intention of leaving with only 1 book. Chat with the associates and find out what their all time favourite book. If none of their favourites fancy you, grab a new edition of your favourite title.f
  3. Genre reading is another way I have gotten out of a slump. I know personally I can get very absorbed into a great contemporary romance. I will grab a new romance and just throw myself into it… Most of the time I stick.
  4. Read a small book when all else fails. When nothing else has worked my last resort is to grab a novella or anthology and just read that. Finishing a short story shows progress and will usually always break the slump in a last ditch effort.

Is there anything you do differently in a reading slump?

How do you break your slumps?

Let me know in the comments below … I love hearing from all of you bookish people.


12 thoughts on “Reading Slumps and Me”

  1. Reading slumps suck and I hate being in them – but thankfully my last one has ended! What has helped me was reading blog posts and book recommendations as it really motivated me to read (and still does!). Reading old favourites and books in your favourite genre usually helps me too – I like to pick out something I’m guaranteed to enjoy.

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  2. These are great tips! I definitely visit bookstores and read small books when I feel like I’m in a slump. I also listen to audiobooks–I think they’re a great way to ease back into reading because you can do other things while you listen.

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  3. Reading shorter books definitely helps with the slump. And I also love to watch reading vlogs, they always make me want to read 😀
    I’ve been close to a resding slump since the beginning of this year, and surprisingly the only thing that helped to push that feeling away was the Reading Rush read-a-thon that took place during the last week of July. I managed to read all 7 books in one week, and that helped tremendously.

    Also, I like to track my reading progress during the month, that helps me to not fall victim of a reading slump and keep pushing myself to read more.

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  4. Luckily, I don’t slump too often. When I do, I try to switch things up. I’ll try a graphic novel or something that’s completely different than what I just read. I may take a day off reading to see if that helps. Magazines, blog posts, and audiobooks can help me, too.

    Great post!

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  5. Reading slumps are the worst. Honestly, I usually just use them to a) read really light, easy YA or short stories, b) listen to audiobooks instead, especially while running errands, or c) just take a break from reading for a bit. Watch a new Netflix show, get some extra sleep, and don’t put pressure on myself to write reviews of books either.

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  6. I can see how anxiety/depression would keep you from wanting to read. I often feel too tired to read when that happens. I’m glad that slumps don’t last too long. I think reading a graphic novel or something shorter is often helpful though.


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  7. Good, helpful tips. 👍 I hate reading slumps. They suck all the life out of me.
    When it happens I tend to listen to music and that helps break me out of it at times.
    Other times, I read my favorite Nora Roberts books. It’s my recharge method lol.

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