The Playbook Series By Alexa Martin

5 Stars for the Series!!

This review is a little different in that is for a series rather than an individual book. I don’t usually do this kind of review, but since I read 2 books back to back in a series that are very similar I thought it would be less repetitive.

The series starts by following Marlee Harper, the girlfriend of a NFL player and the drama she faces from that and the wives of the other players. Marlee is a plagued by gossip and her past as she makes strides to change her life and make positive life choices we see her develop and make a new series of friends with a happy life as a reward.

We then moved on to the sequel, this one follows Poppy Patterson, a single mother and waitress. The story follows her as she runs into her high school sweetheart and father to her son. We see them grow and triumph over the struggles players and their families face everyday in the NFL.

The third in the series has not been released yet, but is set to follow Brynn Larson the bar owner and boss of Marlee and Poppy.

Plot: I love that we get to follow the characters throughout the series without getting over dramatic and cliffhanger plots that stem from forcing a series about singular main characters.

Characters: Amazing, literally is all I want to say. The way Alexa gave them soul and feelings is unreal. The connection I felt emotionally to the good and bad experiences the characters had in both books leaves me excited and impatient for book 3.

This is a series I will continue to read and an author I will follow. I have already recommend this series to many friends and now all of you. Please give this a read and share the love with all your friends too.

100% recommendation to all romance lovers out there!!



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