Whatcha Doin' Wednesday, WWW Wednesday

WWW/WDW-August 14 2019

Well I was going to do a WWW this morning, however after the morning I have had I feel like a Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday is more of necessity. It is not possible to have the morning I have had and not share a little bit of the misery. So with that in mind I will do a bit of a Wednesday Mash-up!

Here is a little bit of  history on the 2 memes, The who’s who in meme creation I guess you could call it 🙂

WWW was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words. This meme asks 3 bookish questions (What did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next?). I enjoy this one as it gives you a sneak peek at what reviews will possibly be coming down the blog chain.

Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday (WDW) meme was created by Nomadic Worlds a blog I personally follow and recommend you all follow too!!!! This is less of a bookish meme and more of a Mental Health self awareness meme. It ask 2 questions (How are you? What is something that can inspire you or make you feel good?), that you are are to answer honestly to the best of your ability.

Let’s dive right into this mash-up meme *splash*Accidental Tryst

What did you recently finish reading?

Accidental Tryst By Mia London

This was provided to me by Mia London for review.

Here is a link to that review, also a contest 🙂

Check it out and maybe WIN!!


How are you? 

Well here is where the post gets fun, I haven’t been well. I have been suffering through not feeling well and thought today I would go into work and then leave early when my replacement arrived. NOT WHAT HAPPENED!! I woke up to an email from my replacement saying he would not be coming to work today, he as well did not feel well. I took this in stride and made an order for a breakfast pick up, thinking “food makes everything better”. As I exited my car to go into work, wait for it …… I dropped said breakfast order all over the ground. And that my bookish people is my Wednesday morning. So How am I, cruddy but alive!

when you were mine

What are you currently reading?

When You Were Mine By Lisa Swift

This was provided to me for review on Netgalley.

Be sure to keep an eye out this week for a review, the book releases today!


What is something that inspires you or makes you feel good?

Right at this time Minecraft!! I have been addicted to it this week. I find the grinding and no thought game play to be very releasing. I have been finding blueprints others have made online and recreating huge and amazing buildings. For pictures or links to the blueprints please email or comment below.


What do you plan to read next? 

I honestly have not thought about this yet, with not feeling well and playing video games in my spare time reading has been slowed down this week. I am hoping to either read The Hating Game By Sally Thorne or The Accidental Life Swap By Jennifer Joyce. Which do you recommend?? Let me know below.

What did you think of this Wednesday Mash-up? Keep it or just pick 1?

If you enjoyed this post, please check out my other bookish posts and follow readingtoescapeblog for more bookish goodness. 🙂

Reading to escape

10 thoughts on “WWW/WDW-August 14 2019”

  1. What a horrible morning, I hope the rest of your wednesday is better! I love the idea to combine these two memes! ❤ I also love that Minecraft is making you happy, I haven't personally played it but I love using video games to relax! I will be following Watcha Doin' Wednesday too in future for sure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hadn’t heard of Whatcha’ Doin Wednesday, but I really like it. Sometimes you need to vent or share feelings. Sorry about your bad day – I hope the rest of the day go better, or you had a good weekend at least! Enjoy your books (and Minecraft!)


    Liked by 1 person

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