A Review of The Friend Zone By Abby Jimenez

5 Stars                                                   Warning: Not a YA … 100% adult read!!

A romance to break the slump Leah on the Offbeat put me into. With this story of two people who are thrown together at a time that neither are prepared for the feelings between them. With male MC (Josh) fresh out of a break and new to the state and female MC (Kristen) in a long distance relationship waiting for his tour to be over, neither of them prepared or willing to jeopardize the wedding of their zonebest friends. Little did they know that circumstances out of their control with push the two together into their inevitable fate. Tragedy, Romance and Tears ….. Lots of Tears. 

Characters: Jimenez did an amazing job creating chemistry and emotion with the characters of her debut novel. I spent a large portion of my reading time with some strange emotional faces, It is amazing the reader connection she created to these characters. In a single chapter I could go from tears, happiness and back to tears; I just could not get enough of both Kristen and Josh.

Plot: There is a huge twist in this that I at no point saw, it was unreal when it occurred and wrecked me for a good 10 minutes. Jimenez found a way to mix fast paced occurrences with a slow burn relationship in a plot that blows the reader away.

World Development: There was not much development in this story, with the story taking place in current time the circumstances taking place are 100% believable and understood. I have not been in a firehouse in a long time but had no issue imaging the banter and comradeship between the men.

I would not recommend this book if you do not have a box of tissues near by … however I do recommend this book 100%!!

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