Leah Put Me on The Offbeat- A Review

2 Stars

This is a YA contemporary romance by Becky Albertalli and I thought ‘hey what the heck I’m reading an adult romance in 3 days this should take no time at all’ hahaha. Leah on The Offbeat took me almost 3 weeks to read, this story of a young LGBT female (Leah) still in the closet  and worried about coming out to her friends. As a sequel to a story about a young boy (her best friend, Simon) coming out to friends and family and everyone be super excepting and loving, this book read like a crock of sh**. The whole thing was just too much for me and every time I picked the book up I could not read more than 20 pages.

Characters: The MC Leah was just terrible, I could not stand a damn thileahng about her. ‘Should I come out, Should I not, Everyone loves Simon, This girl I like is 100% hitting on me do you think she is gay or bi’. The whole friend group was a mess of characters from the bi in the closet who read as 100% gay not bi, too the joke of a break up between a crushed jock who was hitting on other girls and an apparently bi? theater girl. I feel all the characters in this one needed serious help and Albertalli did nothing to help them out.

Plot: This time Albertalli did not hit it out of the park. I found that the whole story had huge holes that made no sense at all. I could not wrap my head around Leah’s story at all, I spent far too much time angry at the whole situation than should be spent while reading.

World Development: Albertalli did an amazing job building the world in Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda that there wasn’t much work required in this one. She really tried to ride the coat tails of her first book in this series if you were to ask my opinion, which you are because you are here.

I would not recommend this read at all. Well maybe if I didn’t really like you much and you kept hassling me for a recommendation I might.

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5 thoughts on “Leah Put Me on The Offbeat- A Review”

  1. Yeah, I’ve definitely seen similar reviews about Leah, which is a shame. I do really love Simon Vs. but that’s the only book I’ve read by Beck – minus What If It’s Us with her and Adam Silvera (and even then, I like the character Adam wrote more than the one Becky wrote lol).


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