Review for The Unhoneymooners By Christina Lauren

4 Stars

As we look at another romance, we will begin to see that I tend to read a ton of romance during the summer months. This is a romance that follows our two MCs Olive and Ethan as they find their way from enemies to lovers. It starts with a horrific wedding that should never have happened, between Olive’s twin sister Ami and Ethan’s brother (who shall not be named), that leaves everyone but O and E sick and therefore conveniently available to  go on this once in a lifetime honeymoon that the bride and groom are unable to attend. It is on this trip that the two learn they were led to believe their shared hatred was mutual, when it was not. Olive and Ethan have a slow burn sehoneyries of ups and downs that bring us to my review below ……

Characters: There was a large hate for only one character in this book and it was not to do with anything Lauren did. The brother of the main MC was a total ass and the fact that the male MC was totally oblivious was slightly irritating. This is the reason that the book lost 1 star in my opinion. The connection that Lauren created between the two MCs pulls on the heart strings for sure. An enemy to love story is often hard to create and not feel fake or forced. I personally feel that this story was neither of those.

Plot: Like I said about a lot of enemy to love stories taken terrible turns and turn out very forced and fake. This one however had an incredible slow burn, the fact that Lauren took her time and did not rush the relationship made this an amazing read. The plot didn’t really drag or have huge holes that cause question the story at all. I almost wish there had been more about the relationship of Ami the twin sister and her husband as their relationship did have a huge part in the story line of Olive and Ethan.

World Development: I wish there had been more development of the world around Olive and Ethan. Lauren spends a lot of time talking about how amazing this resort they won tickets to is, but never really gives us much of why it was so amazing. I would have liked to have seen more than just the room and restaurant of this amazing resort. As someone who travels frequently I just didn’t understand if this resort was so amazing why did they constantly leave it.

Now I am just getting knit picky and nobody enjoys that, so I will end this review.

I will recommend this book for sure!!

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