Review for The Bride Test By Helen Hoang

5 Stars all around.

This is a romance about a girl (Esme), who is brought to the USA to court a man (Khai); by his mother who stuck her nose where it did not belong. In the process of arranging this courtship the mother leaves out a very large detail, Khai is autistic. As Esme fights to get his attention or to evoke an emotional response she falls in love, all the while pisses Khai off (or so we think). In this super cute romance we get a look a quite a few different circumstances that we may not have ever otherwise gotten a chance to see. With the immigration to the autism Helen Hoang is a god of it all!!


Characters: Having grown up around autism and seen first hand the characteristics and personality traits that accompany people on the spectrum, Hoang hits the nail on the head in the book. Khai is a super loveable and cute male MC and his growing relationship (if that is what you want to call it) with the female MC Esme is heart gripping. We see the battle of Esme fighting for emotional response from someone on the spectrum, while being totally unaware of Khai even being on the spectrum. It did not take long to dive in and become fully engrossed in the lives of our leading duo.

Plot: Hoang knows her audience and in this follow up to her debut novel The Kiss Quotient, she has no issue capturing the attention of her readers and pulling them into a different world and hooking them with the ups and downs of starting new relationships. In this book with not only get the romance plot but I feel we also get a growth in a new country plot as we follow not only the relationship between Khai and Esme but also Esme’s journey as she struggles and grows in a new country all alone with only very basic language skills.

World Development: The fact that this is set in current day USA does not stop the descriptive nature of Hoang, she had no issue making myself at least feel like I was in a city I have personally never been to. I could picture as I read Esme walking down the street to work and taking local transportation looking out the windows. I still have the picture in my mind of the Khai’s poor run down yard and house.

This was my first romance for the summer and probably my most anticipated release of 2019. Needless to say that Helen Hoang did not let me down, when you look at Goodreads you can see she has a third book in the works I for one will have no issue dropping the cover price on anything she releases going forward.

Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great NA or Adult Romance.

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