The Beginning of My Escape

​    Reading to Escape is my beginner blog. It will contain book hauls and my personal opinions and reviews of books I have read. Bare with me as the beginning will be rocky as I find my groove and finally my escape.
    My escape; reading is just that for me an escape, a way to release from the stresses of life to places better or worse. The books I read will depend on which place I need to escape to, a happy place or a place to remind me it could be worse.

    I am open to recommendations, at the moment my book recs come from Booktube (youtube book vloggers), other blogs and the sales reps at my local book store. I am pretty stuck on the young adult/new adult genre at this time, but open to anything super catchy that will suck me in.

    Yes; I am aware my writing is not perfect and please do not expect it to be, I did not go to school to be a writer or even close to the field. I am however a biotechnology technologist working as an environmental tech/ waste water operator in the private sector. With that said I will do my absolute best to keep everyone happy and myself sane. 

    I hope you enjoy my escapes and find some of your own – keep on reading. 🙂

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